Soil Nailing in Richmond

Subsidence is the downward shift of the soil that supports your building. As the soil around the foundation of the structure begins to sink, the building moves with it. Clay soil retains water, even over long periods of time. But over time, due to seasonal climate and weather conditions, the water content of the soil can change. Groundwater might be removed as a water supply for new housing or commercial development near your building. During long periods of drought, trees may draw more water than usual from the clay soil around your building. Or, if the grade around the foundation of your structure was constructed excessively high, the water content of the soil will naturally drain to a lower elevation. Clay-rich (expansive) soil shrinks when it loses water, and expands again during wet conditions. That process of shrinking and expanding creates a downward movement of the soil that supports your building. Your building settles with that movement, which can result in damage to the foundation and cause issues throughout the entire structure. To help prevent some of that downward soil movement, oftentimes, retaining walls will be created to hold the soil back. When the downward movement becomes too great, those retaining walls and your foundation will need reinforcement. The earth retention and ground nail team in Richmond at Stable Foundations to shore up the ground and prevent future damage to your commercial property.

Stable Foundations has been a premier company for earth retention solutions since 1992. And with over three decades of experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about shoring up commercial structures. We review all necessary geotechnical reports and work with local engineers to test the soil and analyze the potential slope movement around your structure to develop the exact earth retention system that will restore the stability of your commercial building for decades to come. We use only the best, strength-tested products, and one of the solutions we count on for projects in Richmond is the soil nailing system of Chance® helical “soil” screws, reinforced with shotcrete. Our earth retention systems experts in Richmond install some of the ground nails to stabilize the slope, along with other soil nails that we drive deeper into the ground to ensure solid footing in more stable soil or bedrock below the structure.

You can’t trust just any run-of-the-mill company with the critical and heavy-duty task of shoring up the ground around your property in Richmond with soil nails to restore the stability of your commercial building. The solution for your particular property will not be the same as the solution that might work for someone else. Our expert earth retention system designers in Richmond will design an earth retention soil nail system specifically for the soil around your property and the foundation that supports your structure.

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