Helical pier and pile systems are a collection of steel, concrete, or wooden columns installed into the ground to support the weight of a structure and ensure its foundational support and its vertical and horizontal stability. There is relatively little difference between deep foundation pier and pile systems, except piers are usually attached firmly to stable, supportive soil, while piles depend on the axial and longitudinal forces of the soil to remain supportive. A drilled pier in Richmond is nearly identical to a pile, with only one significant difference. A drilled pier is usually substantially larger so that it can be installed at deeper stratums to support more massive loads. For comparison, think of a typical Richmond home foundation juxtaposed with the foundation needed for a cell tower, a highway overpass, or the World Trade Center. An advantage of a drilled pier is its ability to handle the same load as a group of helical piers or piles and to withstand greater lateral forces.

Drilled Pier Installation

Our drilled pier foundation repair process in Richmond involves an auger large enough to excavate a circular hole large enough to accommodate the base and circumference of the pier. When the pier is in place, we construct a reinforcement cage out of rebar, which we fill with concrete. This process can be done in soils that are sandy, rich in clay composition, or have rocky content.

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