Basement Wall Repair In Richmond, VA

At Stable Foundations, we know the importance you place on the safety of your family and the structural stability of your home.

If the structure of your basement walls is compromised, trust in our team to provide basement wall repair to restore your home and keep your family protected.

Symptoms of Bowing or Buckling Walls

While some symptoms of bowing walls may be easy to detect, other symptoms may not be as easy to detect. Depending on the pressure that is being exerted on your walls, the damage may be extensive or minor by the time you notice.

No matter what signs of damage your walls are showing, it’s best to get your home inspected for basement wall repair sooner rather than later to avoid bigger, more expensive issues down the road.

Symptoms include:

  • Stairstep cracks
  • Horizontal cracks
  • Inward tipping of the wall
  • Crumbling or buckling along the mortar joints

As a homeowner, it’s important to keep a lookout for these kinds of symptoms to avoid bigger issues.

If you notice any major or subtle signs or bowing walls, our team is happy to provide a free inspection to see what type of basement wall repair is best for your home.

What Causes Basement Walls Bow and Buckle?

Bowing or buckling walls is a very common sign of foundation damage. As the soils in the ground around your foundation begin to shift, they can put massive amounts of pressure on your foundation.

This pressure can result in the inward bowing or cracking of your basement walls and compromise the structural integrity of your home.

basement wall repair

Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is one of the main causes of bowing or buckling walls. As water saturates the ground around your foundation, it puts pressure against your basement walls and causes them to bow inward or buckle. Increased hydrostatic pressure also leads to an increase in the potential for leaks in your basement. Water getting into your basement is yet another symptom of foundation problems as the water is most likely leaking in from the exterior through cracks and gaps. 

Expansive Clay and Contracting Soils

Changing weather conditions can also cause changes to the soil and these changes can then cause havoc for your foundation and basement walls. 

Expansive Soils

Expansive clay soil is commonly known for its constant shrinkage and expansion as the water volume changes. Expansions of 10% or more are not uncommon in these types of soil, which creates a great deal of force against your basement walls. 

Contracting Soils

Even when dry, the clay in the soil can form deep cracks and cause further displacement of the soils, which then removes support from your structure and causes damage in that way. In the case of a sudden rain after a long drought, the fissures caused by the dry cracking clay soil lead to deep penetration of water when it does fall, only compounding the problems of the expansive soil.

Many homes in the Richmond area are built on clay soils that expand and contract, which creates a large need for basement wall repair across the region.

Basement Wall Repair Solutions from Stable Foundations

At Stable Foundations, we realize that structural repairs to your home can seem overwhelming and daunting.

Our team is here to provide education about the situation and provide complete honesty and transparency about the best possible solution for your home.

We proudly offer our customers the StrongHold™ Carbon Fiber Repair System for basement wall repair.

Why We Use the StrongHold™ Carbon Fiber Repair System

Known for its superior reputation on the market for strength and durability, we have installed many StrongHold™ systems in homes across Virginia to repair bowing or buckling basement walls.

The StrongHold™ Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP’s) provide the required tensile force needed to develop the compressive strength and create a “balanced” situation within the wall to prevent further bowing and cracking.

Have complete peace of mind with the StrongHold™ system as it permanently straightens your walls and restores your home’s structural stability.

Benefits of Basement Wall Repair

Like any structural issue with your home, bowing or buckling walls will only get worse if left untreated. If you start to even subtle signs of bowing walls, it’s best to contact us immediately for your free inspection.

Benefits of basement wall repair include:

  • Improve home’s structural stability
  • Avoid more expensive issues in the future
  • Increase home value
  • Improve safety of home

Why Choose Stable Foundations for Basement Wall Repair

We have proudly provided Virginia residents with basement wall repair solutions for over 25 years.

As a family-owned company, we have provided every customer with complete honesty and integrity for three generations. Our services also come with a transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you’ll always be protected.

Rely on Stable Foundations for all your basement wall repair needs. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection!