Helical Pier Deep Foundation Repair System in Richmond, VA

At Stable Foundations, we use the Helical Pier Foundation System for foundation repair. We’re proud partners with the number one manufacturer of helical foundation repair products available in the market–Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. Hubbell manufactures and supplies the CHANCE® Helical Pile products which we use for our Richmond helical pier foundation repair and installation projects. We use these products to underpin undisturbed soils, creating much more stability for your home’s foundation. 

What are Helical Piers?

Helical piers are a deep foundation solution, meaning that they transfer the weight of your home to earth farther from the surface. This relieves some of the stress from your foundation, which rests in comparatively shallow soil. Shallow soil is typically weaker and more prone to movement, whereas deeper soils and rocks are more compact and capable of supporting heavier loads. 

What Benefits do Helical Piers Have as a Deep Foundation Solution?

  • Quick installations in limited-access areas
  • No heavy equipment required
  • Lower cost for repair
  • Time-proven engineered system with certified installers
  • Limited excavation
  • Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Helical Pier Installation Process

  1. To provide complete stability, the helical piles are drilled deep into the ground until stable subsoil strata is reached. This is a very important step as we want to drill deep enough until we reach soils that are strong enough to support the pier.
  2. We monitor the torque that has been applied to determine when the required load capacity has been achieved.
  3. Our team of Richmond helical pier foundation repair and installation professionals then attach adjustable brackets to the base of your foundation footers, which connect the piles to your foundation.
  4. The weight of your home is then transferred to the piles. During this process, your home’s foundation is repositioned and to prevent further movement.

Why Choose Stable Foundations for Helical Pile Foundation Repair?

With over 25 years of experience and commitment to providing reliable foundation repair to our customers, you can trust Stable Foundations to provide solutions that last. We use the best materials in the industry, installed by the most qualified, professional foundation repair contractors in the area. Our CHANCE® Helical Pile products are technically superior and a cost-effective alternative to other remedial foundation repair systems. Contact us to learn more about our Richmond helical pier foundation repair and installation services and to schedule a free inspection today!