Stable Foundations has Solutions for Your Uneven Floors

One of the most common signs your house needs foundation repairs is uneven floors. If you have noticed your floor is sloping or sagging, the root cause is rarely the floor itself. Additionally, you might notice your uneven floors are accompanied by cracks in your basement wall or may even smell mold. While there are many causes of uneven floors, a professional foundation repair company in Richmond like Stable Foundations should assess your home and inspect your foundation. 

One of our experts at Stable Foundations in Richmond can quickly and accurately assess your foundation and determine if your uneven floors are a result of soil issues, excess moisture, foundation settling, or in some cases, bad structural design. Left untreated, the issues causing your uneven floors can worsen over time and lead to increased structural damage. If the damage gets worse, it will be more costly to repair and could potentially be a safety hazard for your family. 

As one of the leading foundation repair companies in Richmond, our experience has taught us the best solution for uneven floors is helical piers. Our experts in Richmond recommend helical piers installed by our Stable Foundation teams to give you long-lasting results and protect your foundation from further damage. Helical piers can reach deeper in the soil, thus providing crucial support to your foundation and your home. With Stable Foundations, you will have the highest quality CHANCE® Helical Pier solutions installed by our expert professionals to ensure your uneven floors are fixed permanently. 

Uneven floors can be a multifaceted problem, and we recommend you contact the professionals at Stable Foundations in Richmond to schedule your free inspection. We will provide you with a no-obligation repair estimate. Our team will be able to answer any and all questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions offered in the Richmond area for uneven floors!