Five Top Tips to Keep Your Foundation Strong and Secure

The foundation of your home is essential to the structural stability and security of your home. Once the foundation becomes compromised, the cost of the repairs can be extensive, and the intrusive repair process can be racking on your nerves and peace of mind.

1—Regular Monitoring

The most direct and effective way to maintain a strong foundation and avoid costly repairs is to inspect it regularly throughout the year, ideally every three months since seasonal changes affect the water content of the soil around your foundation, and that fluctuation in the soil is the primary cause of foundation damage that can eventually lead to foundation failure. Indications that your foundation needs attention include diagonal cracks on interior walls, cracked or bowed basement walls, and windows or doors that stick when opening or closing.

2—Avoid Water Problems

Ensure your rain gutters and downspouts remain free of debris and other obstructions to avoid an overflow of stormwater down the side of your house where it can pool against your foundation and seep into the basement. Also, be aware of any issues that might occur with leaky outdoor faucets and plumbing. When the soil around your foundation becomes oversaturated, it can cause problems for your foundation.

3—Proper Grading

Be sure the ground around your foundation slopes down and away from your home. The proper grade ensures that water drains away from your home and doesn’t settle and soak into the concrete of your foundation and basement walls. If you find standing water around your house, you may need to install French drains or another drainage solution to divert the water away from your foundation.

4—Proper Distances for Landscaping

Be sure that trees and shrubs are planted far enough from the house to avoid their intrusion on the foundation. Roots too close to the house can also impact the water content of the soil around your foundation, which exacerbates any issues you might have with expansive soils.

5—Effective Landscaping

Plant all gardens at least two feet from the foundation of your home to avoid the intrusion of roots, and to avoid the need to water too close to the house.

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