Foundation Repairs

Helical Pier Foundation System

The Helical Pier Foundation System is intended for use as foundation underpinning in undisturbed soils. Our professional foundation contractors will inspect your home and foundation in order to determine the repair option that best fits your structural needs. Your home’s damage, the weight of the home, and local soil conditions will all lend to preparing your FREE no obligation quote and plan of repair. Your quote will include the size, location and load requirement for the placment of each Helical Pile. All Stable Foundation’s work come with a Limited Lifetime Warrenty – Also transferable to a new homeowner, should you sell your home.

  • Quick Installations
  • No Heavy Equipment Required
  • Lower Cost for Repair
  • Time-Proven Engineered System With Certified Installers
  • Limited Excavation, Installs in Limited Access Areas

Basement Wall Repairs

We will meet or beat any price!

Basement Walls can become bowed, cracked and unsightly. Horizontal cracks in basement walls and bowing basement walls are long term results of poor soils underneath the foundation systems. Unknown to many homeowners, there is an enormous amount of force being supported by a typical basement wall. For a sandy, water soaked soil there can be as much as 2600 pounds per linear foot on an 8 foot high wall. Fortunately for homeowners, Stable Foundations, LLC. uses the StrongHold™ carbon fiber repair system solutions.

StrongHold™ Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP’s) provide the required additional tensile force needed to fully develop the compressive strength and create a “balanced” situation within the wall to prevent further bowing and cracking.